Hello Everyone! I’m new to this new fangled moveable type technology, but it’s so amazing! It really is!

Well Gareth, I’m honored to be part of something that is so big, and still has potential. I’ve travelled to many places on the earth, wherever the FCO tells me not to go I love it more. I’ve lived in DUDLEY, where I grew up, but found the greatness that is birmingham starting 2003. I’ve moved to Birmingham, started off living in the City centre, which was great, but missed the colour green so I now live in Quinton.

Throughout my brummie life I’ve experienced all the extremes and everything in between, so, watch this space!

Well, well, well, Birmingham VS Manchester indeed. Gaz, you are obviously a pure Brummie! How could you pick on my home town of all towns for Birmingham to swallow up? But it’s so beautiful in Dudley too. Sure, it’s a strange way to get to it, sure enough even if you get a train you have to bus it anyway, and maybe it doesn’t even have a metro system….but it has a castle! And its own accent slash language!

Anyway sob stories aside, the rumours about Birmingham being joined to Manchester in the next 20 years are true. Birmingham City Council can confirm that the population is rapidly growing and is set to continue for a while yet. The Government, in order to try and bring business up north, wants Birmingham Joined to Manchester, including everything in between, to create a great Megalopolis. Wow. Think of what they will call it. New London? What will happen to the football teams!? Did anybody stop to consider this!???

If you think I’m joking, check the Birmingham city council’s website! They need people to redesign the infrastructure and everything…

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