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Over on Brum Blog Pete Ashton brings to light an article from TEN4 Magazine entitled “Why can’t Birmingham do it like Manchester?” The article raises some good points, primarily focused on music festivals and the performing arts, however it is the comment by “Jean-Luc Fournier” which catches Pete’s attention.

Rather than me reprinting the comment I encourage you to pop on over to either BrumBlog or TEN4 to check it out. The gist of it is the great idea that we should unite the “West Midlands” area under the new title of “Greater Birmingham.” As you can see in the comments to Pete’s blog entry, not everyone agrees with the idea, but personally I can’t see how it would hurt. I can understand why local areas want to remain distinct rather than being thrown under the big Birmingham umbrella, but it’s not as if the history or character of any particular place is going to be erased or rewritten. “Greater Birmingham” would make the area much more easily identifiable, which can only help to increase awareness globally. Then again, perhaps that’s something people don’t want / care about.

*Fast Forward to the London Olympics, 2012*
Scenario A
Tourist A: Hey, let’s go to the Black Country Museum!
Tourist B: Great idea! Where’s that??
Tourist A: Hmm, “Greater Birmingham”…. hmm… Birmingham’s not too far away, so yeah, let’s go!

Scenario B
Tourist A: Hey, let’s go to the Black Country Museum!
Tourist B: Great idea! Where’s that??
Tourist A: Hmm, “Dudley” in “The Black Country”…. eh?? Where the frell is that? forget it.

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  1. bounder (unregistered) on July 10th, 2007 @ 8:09 am

    How can the Black Country Museum be anywhere else than the Black Country?

    Most Americans think Stratford and Birmingham are in London anyway.

  2. GaZ (unregistered) on July 10th, 2007 @ 9:25 am

    Yeah, it’s a pretty foolish example. I guess I was thinking along the lines that “Black Country” doesn’t appear on the maps as a geographical location (and the name might stir up accusations of racism! lol), whereas “Greater Birmingham” would be large and easy to find.

    Fek it. Let’s just expand “London” to cover the whole UK. Problem solved.

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