It seems the city centre is in gridlock as commuters try to get home through the latest layer of snow. It took one of my co-workers around 50 minutes just to get from Brindleyplace to Five Ways (a distance of less than a mile)! I’ve heard that trains are also affected. The Litchfield – New Street line is a limited service, apparently not stopping at many of the smaller stations.

Why does snow cause such a disruption in this country?!?

Update: Here’s the BBC News Article

Update 2: A “Lee Jordan” gives some good advice in one of the Birmingham FlickR Group threads:

“If anyone is reading who is ok at home and know the family is ok, would you mind wrapping up and going out there and lending a hand? Obviously don’t get in the way but myself and my dad have been pushing cars which have been struggling to get over a slight gradient and thus helping to keep one of Birmingham’s main A roads moving. Pretty useless effort if it’s just one or two people, imagine if everyone pitched in. You got drivers who can’t move cos the car in front is stuck, what’s wrong with parking getting out the car locking it and pushing the car in front?

2nd gear to go uphills, 1st gear gets you to wheel spin, tell people, signal to wind the window down and have a chat.

The situation with the snow is easing so the roads are looking better than they did at 4pm, but it’s still mayhem out there. Warning or no warning now is not the time to start moaning, or having a go at the council, now is the time for community spirit.

Mom put out a message on the radio asking anyone who is in a position to help, to help. Hot drinks, got any empty coke bottles, fill them up with tap water and send them out. Know of gridlock just ahead of where a driver is going, tell them about it and advise a different route.

If you can help please do, stop uploading photos, start pushing cars, a lot of people haven’t dealt with conditions like this before, so maybe pass on some experience”

PS The trains are all back on schedule, so if you’re thinking of driving to Birmingham tonight: take the train instead!

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  1. Ruana (unregistered) on February 10th, 2007 @ 8:36 am

    It took me four hours to get from Five Ways to Selly Park (126 into town then 47E back out). And I left work early!

  2. GaZ (unregistered) on February 10th, 2007 @ 2:13 pm

    Woah, that’s crazy! I ended up staying in town until around midnight. Broad street had cleared by about 9pm, but I decided to go out for some food before heading home, just in case ;)

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