Abusing the Kindness of Strangers

It seems like every other day we get a leaflet through our mailbox regarding a collection of some kind coming by in the few days for things like old clothes, shoes, books, etc. I’ve been meaning to have a sort through all the piles of random junk in my house and was planning on leaving it for these collections on the assumption that it would all go to charity and that I was helping a good cause. Well the other day there was a segment on BBC breakfast concerning all these leaflets we get in the mail. Apparently a fair few of them aren’t really from registered charities at all, and are actually just private firms which then go and sell the stuff you donate to them for their own profit! Cheeky gits! The show also mentioned that even with some legit charities, collectors from other companies were coming around on the same collection day and picking up items left for the REAL charity!! wtf! Hearing this makes me glad I never got around to sorting my stuff out. When I do get around to it I’ll be sure to take it straight to the charity shop myself, but it’s a real shame that there are bastards like this out there who are taking advantage of people who just want to help those less fortunate. Still, at least some perpetrators are being caught

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