Justice for Karhlo

.. well, not exactly “justice”, but at least those responsible got SOME punishment.

In case you haven’t heard this story in the news, some local idiot-kids threw a cat from a fifth floor balcony FOUR times. AND they decided to record the event on their camera phones for posterity. Seriously… how stupid do you have to be to want to do something like this AND record it? I think a more fitting punishment would be to throw them from the fifth floor of an apartment block four times. The gene pool would be a cleaner place without them.

Surely punishments for crime need to be more severe in this country? 4 months is nothing for scum like this and it’s hardly going to change their already twisted personalities for the better. Unfortunately, with an already massively overcrowded prison system, I’m not sure what the alternatives are. Maybe chop off a few fingers or something for them to REALLY remember?

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