Abuse of Power

So the other day a co-worker (let’s call him Bob) was getting on a Virgin train to head over to the NEC arena for a concert. He was running late, and only had a minute or two to get on the train, so he headed for the closest carriage. The door was being blocked by one of the Virgin train staff, so Bob asked the guy to get out of the way. The guy did not move. So Bob asked him again. Still the guy did not move. So Bob went around him, pushing the guard slightly out of the way as he did so (because the guy was blocking the way), and, angered by the lack of cooperation from the guard, muttered some phrase like “wanker”. Bob then proceeded down the carriage to find a seat, at which point the guard turned and followed him. Upon catching up with Bob, the guard got in his face and retorted “oi, you can’t talk to me like that you little sh*t!”, at which point Bob, not wishing to be so close to the guard, backed off and pushed the guard back. This angered the guard even more, who then took a swing at Bob and actually hit him! Bob, not wanting to get in a fight, just walked off and found a seat. The train was then delayed while the guard called the police, who came and took Bob off the train and put him in a cell for two hours, without letting him explain his side of the story nor even let him call his parents (who were waiting for him at the NEC)! Eventually he was allowed to give his version of events, but because there were no witnesses (the train was empty), it’s basically Bob’s word vs the guard. And of course, because the guard is in a position of authority, the police are probably going to believe his story over Bob’s. No charges have been pressed yet, but Bob is not planning on letting the guard get away with this…

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