Lap dancing

icCoventry is carrying a story about the setting up of a Lap Dancing Commission to monitor lap dancing clubs and their spread from Birmingham to Coventry. In recent years such clubs have proliferated in Birmingham, the Spearmint Rhino club on Hill St is the biggest such club in Europe, and there are a number of dance schools who run lap dancing calsses for aspiring professionals and amateurs, who want to give their partners a thrill, alike within the city. One such class was lambasted in the press some months ago for teaching lap and pole dancing to girls as young as 11, the class soon closed but classs for adults continue at the school.

In the article the host at The Rocket Club (on Broad Street) stated: “If you ask any of the women working here, they will say that they all enjoy their jobs and enjoy working here, and get on well with the customers.

Through friends I’ve spoken to some of the women who work in these clubs. Whilst most do undoubtedly do enjoy their work (and the money it brings in), it seems like a bit of a stretch to say they “…get on well with the customers.“. On the whole the women view the customers as mugs, fools, and rather pathetic. The men will spend hundreds of pounds to see little more than they could see on many continental beaches or even some British beaches for free, with zero chance of getting any satisfaction. So, they go home with nothing to show for it but frustration and an empty wallet.

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