Big-Brother Wannabe

I forgot to mention the story about the two plonkers who decided to lock themselves in a perspex box in the middle of the Bullring for 5 days. Hmm… I know I wouldn’t want to be locked inside the centre of the bullring in the pitch black of night.

The contestants have nothing with them except the clothes on their backs, a phone, and a BT phonebook. They have to use the phonebook and, by the magical powers of blagging, get local companies to provide them with everything they need. Fortunately they have been provided with private loos, so I guess they can always retreat in there if things get a little boring.

My missus and I dropped by the Bullring on Sunday for a spot of retail therapy. It looked like the competition had already finished by then, but each of the rooms had quite a bit of stuff in it, including couches, various household items (chairs, etc), and toys and (bizarrely) a mini-moto bike! Not much room for a GP in there tho… I did take some pics on my camera phone however I’m having trouble with my Bluetooth setup in Windoze, so they’ll come at a later date.

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