Cadbury World and Free Deodorant

Last time I went to Cadbury World (about 18 months ago), it was a Tuesday afternoon at about 2pm. And not the school holidays. Along with me and my boyfriend, there were about five or six other people. And we were all over 18.

So nothing prepared me for the MILLIONS of people there yesterday. Well, maybe not millions, but lots of people.

My little brother loved it, especially the little film bit where they show you how they make it. I won’t explain any more, in case I spoil it! There was an interactive thing towards the end. My brother wrote his name with chocolate, so naturally I had no other option to write “smells” underneath it. And even more maturely, my mum wrote “of poo” underneath it! My brother is 10 so I was a bit wary he might not enjoy himself (he’s into football, motorbikes and sea cadets), but I think the free chocolate means anybody would enjoy themselves. You don’t get as much chance to use the exhibits when it’s busy, but even skipping them it was an enjoyable experience.

We went to the Bullring afterwards, and did the touristy picture-with-the-bull thing. And near the Lego shop, there was a display stand and people handing out free Nivea deodorant. Which is funny because I started using Nivea deodorant (the clear stuff in the little skinny bottle) after I got a free bottle of it at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Their train back was naturally delayed slightly (even though it started at New Street), but all in all a very good day. And it only rained a little bit.

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