Any of you young people? Any of you got a T-mobile phone?

You may be interested in this!

We went past the new drive-in cinema thingy at Millenium Point on Saturday. ‘What new drive-in cinema thingy?’, I hear you ask. It seems that T-mobile have done it as a sort of promo thing. Well, they’ve got ne interested already. I’ve not been to a drive-in since I saw ‘Friday the 13th’ in Connecticut in 1985.

I’d love to go. Am a loyal Orange customer though and don’t fancy changing back to T-Mobile just for the promise of a film on a drive-in. Oh, and they seem to be targeting this at younger people than me. Way to make a girl feel old, T-Mobile!

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  1. Ceri (unregistered) on August 30th, 2005 @ 10:42 am

    Liz if you really want to go then call the free booking line on 07908 686857 – the good people at T-Mobile will let you in even if you are an Orange customer. I hardly think films like Oceans 11, Pirates of the Caribbean or Grease exclude you however old you may feel!

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