Builders and General Uncomfortableness

My flat is the upstairs part of a house. There’s nobody living downstairs at the moment because it’s being redecorated. Our flat is also getting double glazing. Except, it’s taking forever, and they keep waking me up.

The most annoying was when they were preparing the window to go in our bedroom. I work late (get home at 11pm usually), but I think 8am is a little too early to be banging around. Especially a bedroom window. And it’s a little creepy knowing there’s a man right outside your window. I have to get ready in the bathroom which is the size of a postage stamp. (Only a slight exaggeration).

The double glazing window frames have been put in the recesses of our windows – but they haven’t taken our windows out yet. And they’ve only done one at the front. And I find it really creepy when they are at the living room windows too.

The most annoying event though was when THEY TURNED THE WATER OFF. And then got all annoyed with me for brushing my teeth. If they had actually said “Oh, we will be turning the water off at [such-and-such-a-time] for [x] hours”, I would have been prepared and brushed my teeth and had a shower earlier. But seriously, I’m not psychic, TELL ME WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

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