Left my house at about 13:30 yesterday, on my way to the beautiful Digbeth Coach Station, and I see a bunch of policemen swarming over Warley Woods.

Warley Woods

Turns out some bloke stabbed himself to death there. It’s kinda weird knowing someone would do such a thing barely minutes away from your house. Another guy hung himself there a few years back, and a few months ago a thirteen year old girl was raped there.

Nowhere’s safe, it seems.

On a happier note, my trip into Walsall was fun, albeit full of annoying encounters with people. A policeman came up to me and my friend in New Street Station, spotted our Villa kits, and decided to give us a bit of verbal abuse. Always pleasant. Then we get harassed by eight year old girls at Walsall Train Station. Finally some old people pleasantly asked us not to deface or steal their car.

Well, seeing as they asked nicely…

(We won 3-0, btw)

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