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Birmingham Under Fire(works)

Big ben burns…

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The leaves have finally started to fall from the trees, the temperature has dropped to “normal” English November, and once again it’s coming up to Guy Fawkes Night, where we all celebrate that failed attempt at “regime change” of 1605. To celebrate, countless hoodlums will be purchasing bottle rockets from Asda and setting them off at ungodly hours of the night in neighbourhoods are the city. Expect this onslaught to continue until approximately January 2007.

But if you want to see some REAL fireworks there are a fair few bonfires & fireworks exhibitions being put on around town over the weekend. Since the 5th is Sunday this year a few venues, such as the show at Pype Hayes park, will take place on Saturday. Fortunately the Edgbaston Cricket Ground is sticking to tradition and will be putting a show on for the Sunday. Now I just have to put together a good “Guy” to throw on the fire!

envy and malice

envy and malice

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As I was leaving the Euro car park near Broad Street (where my car was broken in to a few weeks ago) after work yesterday I noticed two more cars with broken windows! The smashed glass was still lying around under the doors, so the thieves must have been doing a round earlier that day.

I thought Euro had attendants walking around the car parks during the day. I know it doesn’t take long to break in to a car and grab some stuff, but surely someone would hear or see SOMETHING? Or couldn’t Euro at least install a couple of cameras on every floor?! Even if they don’t monitor them constantly, at least the video would be there to review should the need arise.

Recycling in Birmingham

BBC Breakfast News have been running segments on recycling of domestic waste, and the extent to which it can reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. Currently in much of Birmingham only paper is collected to recyling, other materials can be taken to recycling centres but for people without access to a car these can be difficult or impossible to use. I emailed Birmingham City Council’s enviromental section to ask if they had any plans to provide collections of recyclable domestic waste. They resonded:

Thank you for your email. We are currently running a pilot scheme to collect platic bottles, drinks cans and glass bottles in parts of Stirchley and Kings Heath. This will be extended to other areas of Birmingham over the next year or so, but details have yet to be finalised. You will be informed when this scheme is extended to your road.

For more information email them at

Theiving Wankfaces

GRRRR!! Perhaps some dickweed read my recent rant re: parking in the city centre and took offense (or, more likely, there are just lots of thieving little shits in this city). Ms. Gaz returned to the car after work this evening to find that said dickweed had jimmied the locks on the car and nicked our stereo! It wasn’t even that great a stereo! WTF! Idiot! Good luck getting much crack-money for that, dumbass.

Whoever you are, I wish a slow and painful accident on you (and a couple of your kin, just for good measure). I’ll stop short of hoping you die if only for the fact that you didn’t break a window, although i’m pretty sure that was just because a window breaking would make too much noise rather than you being considerate.

City Centre Parking Blues

Normally when I drive to work I park over in the Euro car parks on Tennant Street, near Five Ways. Last Thursday, however, some donkey decided to have an accident in the early hours of the morning. Somehow he/she managed to completely FLIP his little car (about the size of a peugot 306) in the middle of the road! I didn’t see any sign of another car involved, and the flipped vehicle didn’t seem badly damaged in anyway (apart from the whole being upside-down part)…


Apologies for the lack of updates around here… World cup madness has meant that when I’m not at work I could usually be found glued to the TV, soaking up all the football I could find! But now that we’re down to the last 8 teams there’s a break for a few days until the quarter finals! ;-)

I would have posted this entry earlier today but it’s actually National Siesta Day, and so I did my part by having a good nap after work. And now it’s time for bed. G’night! :-D

Oh Dear!

I am watching BBC News 24 – and breaking news! The big screen in the fan park has broken! Collapsed! First of all, the LED screen wasn’t functioning properly, so they were taking it down anyway, but then the wind caught the empty frame, and crash bang wallop! Nobody was hurt, though. Apparently they are trying to sort another one out. It’s being shown on the other big screen anyway, isn’t it?

Irish Quarter Revamp

Birmingham’s Irish Quarter is to be revamped, an exhibition of possible designs is being held by Birmingham City Council and MADE.

The exhibition, called “Building the Irish Quarter”, showcases plans such as wrapping Digbeth coach station in copper foil. Other plans include the building of 1500 new homes, presumably similar to the ‘luxury’ appartments already laying empty around the city centre.

Here we go again…


So as you can’t failed to have noticed, the World Cup tournament is back, this time hosted in Germany, so be sure to keep an eye on the Berlin metblog for entries from the front lines!

Yesterday England played their first group match against Paraguay. I had to drive my missus to the airport before the game, but I managed to make it in to a packed Brannigans on Broad Street just before kick off. The atmosphere was typical for that of an England game: hundreds of sweaty men and women, all wearing an England top and most carrying an England flag. There were also a few more extravagent costumes, but the less said about those the better. ;-)

Read on for more details of my sunny afternoon in Birmingham!

Traffic jam chaos

It has been reported that Birmingham drivers are spending an average of 21 minutes stuck in traffic jams every rush ‘hour’ each day. Only Cardiff has worse traffic problems. Many Birmingham commuters report that in the last few year the morning rush ‘hour’ has extended to stretch from 06:30 to 10:30 on many days.

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