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A Message To All Of Birmingham’s Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is TOMORROW (the 31st), not tonight! For ringing my doorbell 24 hours early I’m putting arsenic in any sweets on my doorstep tomorrow. Mwahahahahaaaaaaaaa!

Webpages For The Deaf

I just noticed an amusing clip over on the Daily WTF featuring our very own West Midlands Fire Service.

They’ve very kindly added a flash animation of a woman signing what I assume to be the web page’s text for all the deaf people who can no longer hear with their eyes. Clicking on the animation takes you through to the WMFS Deaf Community Homepage with even more helpful videos!

EDIT: Upon reading the comments on the WTF site I realise that the logic behind providing the signed alternative is probably that sign language is not just a direct translation of English, therefore some deaf people may not be able to the text. But I still found it funny.

International Cleanup Weekend

A link from a Google Maps lead me to discover that this weekend is “International Cleanup Weekend”. Anyone fancy organising or joining in a clean-up somewhere in Brum?

Guitarfest 2007

I finally managed to get out of the house and do something interesting tonight! Guitarfest 2007 is on today and tomorrow over in the Cocks Moor Woods Leisure Centre.

This evening featured the acoustic show, with performances from Gaz Twist (another Gaz! woohoo!), Dave Goodman, Derrin Nauendorf, Antonio Forcione, and Doyle Dykes.

Each artist put on a brilliant performance showcasing his own particular style. I think my personal favourite was Antonio Forcione’s… he just seemed a little more “in it” than the others, but that’s not to say any of them weren’t great!

Tomorrow will be the electric show, with a line-up including Bernie Marsden, GMT, Michael Angelo Batio, and the Chris George band, which should be really interesting. Unfortunately I have to drive up to Liverpool, but if you’re looking for something to do there are still plenty of tickets are available at the door, for £12.50 each. Doors open at 11:30am!


Since I’m already in a club on Facebook that officially despises people that barge in front of fast walkers on a pavement in the street, just to walk slow, I thought I’d get my revenge on people who do this in a SWIMMING POOL.

In a certain Birmingham City Centre Gym with a red company colour that shall not be named, I, the fastest longest swimmer at the gym, am constantly interrupted by guys with egos that fills the gap where their brain should be. They wait until I get to the edge, just before I tumble turn, before they are off, breast stroking their little hearts out – for one length. Others, wildly thrash about either in front of me or in the lane next to me.

You all know who you are, so if you feel like you need to prove yourself, at least use me to do that when you’re fast and fit enough! God!


Wow. It’s a long time since I blogged. I’m sorry, guys. But, if it takes this subject to get me back it’s got to be good!

Delerium, by Cirque du Soleil, is coming to town, so if you’re not doing anything from 10 to 12 October, go to the NIA. One of the US’ top five “Grossing” concerts promises to bring the greatest magical mix of audience interaction, magic, acrobatics, theatre and international music.

There’s also 540 feet of prjection surfaces – the equivalent of four IMAX screens – setting the stage for a massive multimedia show, so performers will pretty much be materialising and vapourising just about anywhere.

Plus, it’s the NIA, so it’s well worth a visit. Any takers?

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