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Multiculturalism is at it again

Being a foreigner, it’s not so bad when the semester of uni is starting, or has started, because you’re not the only one surrounded by your family, taking pictures of almost everything in Birmingham. Every building, structure, colour and opportunity.

The language, on the other hand, is something no foreigner can possibly prepare for. It’s a “dialect”, but to you, it’s a completely different language.

But to have a team of classical indian dancers, with capoeira dancers and contemporary/urban dancers using the fountain at Victoria Square as their canvas, on a sunny friday, is surreal. How wierd it must be to have so many cultures cramped into one city?

I have to say, it was this live stage performance that represents Birmingham in a nutshell. It was such a beautiful performance, and the music was incredible. I wonder where they were from?

The dead centre of town


Factoid of the day: apparently Witton Cemetery, just around the corner from my house, is the largest cemetery in Birmingham. I guess you could say everyone’s dying to get in… hah! Wikipedia also claims that the 2-mile long surrounding walls are the longest brick walls in the West Midlands.

I’d better keep my chainsaw handy in case the corpses get a little restless, coz that’s a lot of bodies!

Birmingham and Nantech

For those who aren’t technically inclined, nantech is basically a form of bio technology, with a few centuries of time added on. Technology that operates in harmony with people’s bodies, and in some cases pheromones. I REALLY ADVISE that people grab their hands on a book called “Queen City Jazz”. I was blessed enough to find a copy in a second hand bookstore in backstreet Nisswa, Minnesota.

It’s a twisted conception of how civilisation could turn out if (or when) this technology takes over. A civilisation that starts off as Utopia, but under a microscope is actually a dystopia. A giant Hotel California, which falls under the natural laws. Normally that’s a bad thing, but you can already see this happing in Birmingham. It’s like everyone falls out fo the world of the living dead every time the sun shines!

The Green Room

How many people reading this enjoy people watching? Nobody really realises just how multicultural Birmingham is, or how great its sphere of influence is.

Sitting at the Green Room (Opposite the Hippodrome) you will see a range of people going past, doing different things. International tourists, exploring the city, national tourists, looking for a place to enjoy the sun. It’s a perfect place to go to for inspiration, and each person going past tells a story. The place itself is laid back and relaxed, probably something to do with the mellow yellow walls.

If you’re meeting someone who’s not from around here, it’s a perfect base to start. In front of the green room you have culture, to the left you have the village (the pub on the corner is a great place to go no matter what your sexuality, it’s laid back too), to the right you have the Maharajah, voted the best indian restaurant – by Indians! Behind you have the Arcadian, which needs no introduction, and behind that you have the Bull Ring! It’s a very underestimated place.

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