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A Tribute

This happened a few months ago, but I promised I would make him a tribute.

It was the rainy season (we don’t have winters and summers anymore). I was waiting on the bench while my friend Dina lit up (a cigarette, not herself). The cold went through me, and my coat didn’t help. It was dark and gloomy, and everywhere I looked, the faces of people just wanting to go home, not wanting to be bothered by the predators lurking around on the sides of New Street.

The Big Issue guy, who was given a hot beverage, threw it towards the bin after he finished. It didn’t quite land in the bin, but before it hit the ground, in came the hero. It was all in his eyes, headstrong but compassionate (he was also hot). In an instant he spotted the litter, picked it up before it touched the ground, put it in the bin and carried on.

He expected no recognition, he received no thanks and he confronted nobody. He carried on. I was completely inspired. I was completely taken aback and couldn’t believe what I saw. There really are good people in the world. Can more people learn to be like that man?

The BEST gadget to date

Ever wondered when they’d invent bio technology for Cars? It all seems light years away – but the revolution has started here in Bilston! It’s finally here, an immobiliser that starts the car only if it recognises the fingerprint of the driver. It’s going into production soon, and costs £350 to install onto your car, and for the almost guaranteed safety of your car (unfortunately nothing is ever 100%) I would get spending. But I don’t have a car :(

But most of all let it be known that it was first invented in Bilston, the BLACK COUNTRY, which I SUPPOSE comes under Birmingham. How great are we brummies?

I Canali della Birmingham

Everyone boasts about Birmingham’s canals but does anybody actually use them? Beyond Brindley place and the Mailbox I mean. I used to commute to Birmingham every day from DUDLEY and it was the best Bike Riding I ever did. Ironically I never physically felt any change, except exhaustion, but you can learn a lot about Birmingham if you take a walk (you’d be better off Biking it) into Birmingham you’d save yourself a lot of time travelling. Biking was actually faster than taking a Bus, or a train (especially from Dudley) and it’s so calm and serene.

Please start using the canals! It’s essential to their survival, and the greater the demand the greater the possibilities…

Byron Wins B&Q Contract

“Automated Home” reports that Bromsgrove-based electrical products producer Byron has won a contract to supply B&Q with a range of home automation products from it’s “Home Easy” range. The products should start appearing in all 330 B&Q stores nationwide, starting from September 17th.

I’ve had my eye on various methods of home automation for a while now, using X10 modules for a few different trivial tasks. So far I haven’t tried rigging up anything more adventurous than remote control light switches & fans. I’ll have to take a look at the Byron stuff once it hits B&Q and try something new!

Birmingham vs Culture

They knocked down the HP Building! Can you believe it? Once again people are moaning about how the culture of Birmingham is being lost to advancement.

But isn’t this what Brummies voted for all those years ago?

While they’re all wondering where to hang up the HP Sign, I just can’t help but wonder where all that culture is gone. I was wandering in WHSmith, and ended up in the vintage section. There was a book with loads of pictures of Birmingham before the second world war. It was actually quite beautiful. It still is. It was only then that the next time I walked along the tree lined New Street, instead of looking ahead at what was worse than Gucci for sale at a flea market, I looked up at the buildings. It’s all still there. Actually it all still reminds me of New Orleans.

The next time you’re in the city centre, look up at the buildings. Sure enough a lot of the old buildings were knocked down, but the old (and very subtle) layers of the city are still there, so take time out to remember the efforts that created our home.


Hello Everyone! I’m new to this new fangled moveable type technology, but it’s so amazing! It really is!

Well Gareth, I’m honored to be part of something that is so big, and still has potential. I’ve travelled to many places on the earth, wherever the FCO tells me not to go I love it more. I’ve lived in DUDLEY, where I grew up, but found the greatness that is birmingham starting 2003. I’ve moved to Birmingham, started off living in the City centre, which was great, but missed the colour green so I now live in Quinton.

Throughout my brummie life I’ve experienced all the extremes and everything in between, so, watch this space!

Fresh Blood!

phew… apologies for the lack of updates around here. I’ve just bought my first house, up in Erdington and currently in the throes of moving stuff in and getting it organised. But hopefully it won’t just be up to me to keep this place active, as I’d like to introduce the Birmingham metblog’s latest blogger: Jeevan Singh. Jeevan has lived in Birmingham for a couple of years now and tells me he’s done quite a bit of travelling in his time, so I’m sure he’ll have an interesting take on what’s going on in and around Birmingham.

Welcome, Jeevan!

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