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Have Your Say: Tyburn Road Bus Lane Suspension

Yesterday I received a letter in the post from the Birmingham City Council asking for my opinion on several proposals they have to improve the Tyburn Road route (along the A38).

Cheap(er) Train Tickets to London!

Woo! Virgin trains has announced a trial scheme in which passengers can purchase and print their own train tickets for trips to London with single tickets from just £7! AFAIK Virgin only goes through New Street, so this would be a faster alternative to the £15 return you can get from Snow Hill / Moor Street that I mentioned a few months ago

Cool! My only question is why bother having to print a ticket at all? Surely we could just get a booking reference number or something and save a bit of paper?

Bye Bye Birmingham Eye

Well, after nearly three years the Birmingham Eye has carried it’s last passenger. I’ve often wondered how it managed to stay in business, as it never seemed to be very busy. The only time I went on the wheel the commentary was broken, so i’m not really sure what you could see from up there (besides council estates, the NIA, and the 10th floor of the Hilton right next door). But it was a landmark, even if it was a shite one, and I’ll miss it. Good bye, Birmingham Eye!

FYI: There’s a plethora of photos featuring the eye over on FlickR. I also found some good ones by Pete Ashton, via Google!

EDIT: Oops, actually I just realised the eye has only been permanently at that location for the past two years, then there was about a year gap between the first opening (as mentioned in that first link above) and a second the following year. Doh!

envy and malice

envy and malice

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As I was leaving the Euro car park near Broad Street (where my car was broken in to a few weeks ago) after work yesterday I noticed two more cars with broken windows! The smashed glass was still lying around under the doors, so the thieves must have been doing a round earlier that day.

I thought Euro had attendants walking around the car parks during the day. I know it doesn’t take long to break in to a car and grab some stuff, but surely someone would hear or see SOMETHING? Or couldn’t Euro at least install a couple of cameras on every floor?! Even if they don’t monitor them constantly, at least the video would be there to review should the need arise.

Birmingham Online Communities

Here’s a list of various Birmingham communities around the Web, in no particular order.

Metroblogging Birmingham (duh ;)

Birmingham Gumtree is owned by eBay, I think? I saw an add on eBay for Gumtree, anyway. It seems similar to Craigslist only a bit more well organised.

Birmingham Flickr Group appears to be one of the more popular venues for discussion. I guess there are lots of camera lovers in the Birmingham area. I really want to go to one of the Birmingham FlickR meetups, but every time they roll around I always have some excuse not to go :(

Birmingham: It’s Not Shit is an interesting site for various Birmingham-related tidbits. They also have a forum with a few regulars.

The Birmingham community on Orkut is another one… although Orkut never really got going after a fairly lacklustre launch just before being swallowed by Google. It now seems to be dominated by Brazilians (Orkut, that is, not just the Birmingham community).

So what have I missed? What do y’all think of any of those that i’ve already listed. Do you actually use them? I’ll update this list with any good suggestions you have.


In the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin” the protagonist, Andy, falls in love with Trish, the owner of a store which sells peoples stuff on eBay. When I first saw the movie I thought the idea of such a store was silly. Selling on eBay isn’t exactly rocket science, so why wouldn’t people just sell their stuff themselves and keep all the profit?? But now that I’ve started work in the “real world” I see that it’s not always that easy… there just aren’t enough hours in the day nor days in the week to squeeze everything in. Apparently someone else in the Birmingham area feels the same way as a new store called “isolditoneBay” opens tomorrow at number 387 on Birmingham Road (near Wylde Green). Just bring whatever you want to sell in to the store and the staff will take a photograph of your stuff, write a description and list it on eBay. If the item sells they’ll collect payment, organise postage, and send it to the customer. The minimum value of the item for sale has to be at least £40, and the store will charge 30-35% commission (decreasing as the value of the item goes up), which I’d say is fair enough for the work they have to do. But I’m not sure whether or not that includes postage price or whether you have to pay extra for that or if it’s included. Hopefully this won’t have an adverse affect on charity shops in the area…

I’ll update this post when I find out the eBay username of this new shop!

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