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Traditional Erdington

25. Lad in the Lane Pub (2006)

Since pre-Saxon times, there has been a village at Erdington. By the mid 18th century, it had a population of less than 700 and consisted of 40 farms, 96 cottages, 2 smithies and a shop. Industrial development followed the arrival of the canal network and the introduction of the railways. The resulting drift of town dwellers from Birmingham all began to shape Erdington as the thriving suburb we know today.

There are some great photos taken by Martin O’Connell (like the one above) to be found over on FlickR featuring Traditional Erdington.

Be sure to check out the loads of other good ones in our Birmingham Metblog group (as also featured on the right hand side of this page), and the main Birmingham group!

Remember our group is open to all postings so if you want to share your photo just add it to the Birmingham Metblog pool! Big thanks to everyone who has contributed something so far!

As The Clash Say…

London‘s Burning!

… but so is Birmingham and the rest of the UK, too!

Heatwave from Space, courtesy of the BBC

These high temperatures are nice… too bad they come at the cost of high pollution as well. I wonder how long until we have some sort of 9/11-type event with our climate, as only then will governments / people really start to take the effects of human pollution on our environment seriously.

City Centre Parking Blues

Normally when I drive to work I park over in the Euro car parks on Tennant Street, near Five Ways. Last Thursday, however, some donkey decided to have an accident in the early hours of the morning. Somehow he/she managed to completely FLIP his little car (about the size of a peugot 306) in the middle of the road! I didn’t see any sign of another car involved, and the flipped vehicle didn’t seem badly damaged in anyway (apart from the whole being upside-down part)…

Brummie Translator

Here’s a crackin translayta fer english ter brummie… unfortunately I doy see ‘un fer brummie ter english, so I woo understan’ anny reploys. hmm… a YamYam translayta ood also be pretty gain.

Say Hello to Sacramento

This just in: Sacramento joins the Metblog networkin as city #49!

More Roadworks Scheduled For City Centre

Just received an email at work regarding some upcoming roadworks that may affect you.

In advance of the proposed redevelopment’s in this area, highway improvements are due to take place on Snowhill Queensway and St Chad’s Circus Queensway from Monday 24th July 2006 for approximately 18 months. This will involve lane closures, however the traffic management arrangements will be designed to keep traffic moving.

In late January 2007 the St Chad’s Circus gyratory will be restricted and for a period of 22weeks, the slip roads from St Chads Queensway on to the gyratory will be closed.

Traffic Management Services are developing an overarching traffic management strategy to deal with all planned road works and in particular any event that forces the tunnel to be closed within the 22week period.

The City Council scheme contact officer is Gareth Nurse, Principle Project Leader, Projects 0121 303 7553

18 months! This might cause a bit of a headache…

Happy Birthday to Us!

It was around this time last year (give or take a few days) that the Birmingham Metblog opened its doors to the world. Quite a few of our bloggers have come and gone over that time, but we’re still ticking along slowly!

So to celebrate this achievement I thought it would be cool for us all to meet up. By “us” I mean anyone who writes / has written for the metblog as well as anyone who reads it (so, if you’re reading this, that means you too!). Right now the tentative plan is to meet up on Saturday evening (e.g. around 7pm) somewhere on Broad street. Yes, it’ll be loud and crazy being the weekend and all, but it’ll add to the atmosphere ;-) Of course, if y’all would rather meet somewhere else then that’s fine too. Just make a suggestion!

So, in a nutshell: If you’re interested in meeting up with us for a drink or two, drop me a line (or leave a message in the comments area below) and I’ll get back to you with more concrete details for a time and place!



Bombings in Mumbai

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ll have heard about the recent bombings on commuter trains in Mumbai. The Mumbai metblog has been providing their own personal takes on the happenings over there and they’re doing a really good job of keeping us all informed, so please pop on over and offer some words of support and let them know we’re thinking of them!

Taste of Birmingham 2006


That’s not funny

Every time I check in to go on a flight somewhere and the attendant asks me if I have any dangerous weapons / explosives / etc. in my bag I also consider making some “witty” comment like “oh, only a ticking package a man in dark glasses asked me to carry for him” or something stupid like that. Well I’m glad I never did. Someone was arrested over at BHX the other day for doing just that!

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