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Jeg Vil Snakker Brummie

I’ve worked in Brindleyplace for over 18 months now and every day I walk past the Brasshouse Language Centre. Every time I go past I keep telling myself I’ll pop in to see what language courses they provide. Well tonight I finally got around to doing just that, and there’s actually quite a lot on offer (Yes, I realised I could have found all this information online, but i’d never bothered looking at their webpage before, either). So I’ve now signed up for one of their (FREE!) 4-hour taster courses, in the hope that I’ll FINALLY be able to communicate with my girlfriend in Norwegian (I guess it’s about time, after 3 and a half years). If all goes well, I’ll probably sign up for the next level until I’m indistinguishable from an ACTUAL viking!

Au Revoir Peugeot!

It looks like Peugeot is going the way of Rover last year, and Jaguar the year before that… well, not exactly the same way, since Peugeot isn’t going completely bust, but they have said they’re shutting down the production line in Coventry next year, claiming that keeping the plant open is financially unfeasible…

What a slap in the face! Ok, perhaps the closure was inevitable, but to do it in such a manner, giving the (>2000) employees the bare minimum (legal) notice, is quite harsh.

While having a dig around for news about this, I came across a transcript from the House of Commons questions to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry (Mr. Stephen Byers), dated March 30th, 2000. Of particular note are the sections entitled “Car Manufacturing (West Midlands)” and (closely followed by) “Redundancy”… apparently, a mere two weeks prior to this meeting, the Secretary of State said he believed that Longbridge (the Rover plant) had a “viable long-term future” and that the Peugeot plant is (at the time) “enjoying record production and record exports, showing that some car firms in the UK are highly successful”.

I guess it just goes to show how much can change in a few years, eh?

New Features: FlickR, Suggestions, and Events

Whoops… i’ve been a bit slack in reporting the latest developments around here, so here’s a quick catch-up:

Public FlickR Group

See those photos in the sidebar on the right hand side of this page (if not then just click on “Photos” to expand it)? Those are randomly chosen from the Metroblogging Birmingham FlickR group, which has just opened its doors for all to join! So if you have a FlickR account and want to share some of your photos from in and around Birmingham just join the group, add your photos to the pool, and sit back and relax! All visitors who click the links will be able to see that the photo is yours, so it’s not like we’re stealing it from you or anything ;-)

Suggest A Story

Know of a story that you’d like to share about Brum, but you don’t want to commit to joining as a “full-time” author? Check out the new “Suggest A Story” link at the top of the right-hand menu. Fill in the relevant details, and one of us will pick it up and post about it ASAP.

Share Events

Finally, if you’ve got an event in the Birmingham / West Midlands area that you’d like publicised, feel free to add it to our group. The details of the event will then appear in the “events” tab which is (yes, you guessed it) also in menu on the right!

WoW MetBlog

For all you WoW players out there, a Metblog has just been launched (somewhat under the radar) for Azeroth!

Personally I’ve never played any such MMORPGs, since i’d probably become quite addicted and spend even MORE time in front of a computer, although I do love a spot of gaming every now and then. My current poison of choice is still Battlefield 2, so if there are any BF2 fans out there in Brum who want to form a very casual clan or something, give me a shout!

All Out! All Out!

Following the strike and rally about local government pensions the government has still not budged on it’s position of decimating the scheme. The various unions have therefore resigned themselves to further strikes.

Instead of one single national day of action a 3 day rolling action has been planned with the Birmingham (and the rest of the West Midlands) strike scheduled for the 27th of April. Further action has been mooted for the 3rd and 4th of May, this would almost certainly impact on the local elections.


This post is just to bring to your attention a new site I came across the other day: Birminghamusic, a site dedicated to the music scene in Brum. From the looks of it, it mostly caters to local artists and events of all genres, so if you’re a musician looking for a way to get yourself heard then head on over!

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