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Photos of the Snow

It seems that there’s always a random snowstorm or two around this time every year. Here’s a couple of photos taken last week, just to spruce up the site a little bit. If you have any photos on the Web of the snowstorm then please feel free to link to them in the comments!

Pype Hayes in Snow 1

Pype Hayes in Snow 2

Brummie Big Brother

Got nothing to do this weekend? Fancy making an arse of yourself in front of the nation? Then head on down to the Thinktank at Millenium Point, where you can audition for the latest incarnation of the fly-on-the-wall “fun” that is Big Brother 7! The auditions are on Saturday (that’s Feb 25th) and start at 9am, so don’t be late! :-P

Council blows big bucks, again.

Having spent the better part of £3million (and countless officer hours) on procuring a contract with Capita group which they claim will save the council £1billion over 10 years (yet are unable to give any solid indication of how it will save them the £100million a year) we hear that Birmingham City Council has blown nearly half a million on restoring a clock in Sutton Coldfield. This, and other ‘prestige’ projects are sucking cash out of the council budgets. Sutton, the most affluent area in Birmingham, has taken 23% of council capital expenditure whilst social projects in other areas that would greatly improve the lives of many citizens have been scrapped due to lack of cash.

Calling Birmingham Filmmakers

First of all I’d like to apologise for a very long hiatus. Personally and professionally I’ve been really bogged down of late.

Secondly I’d like to put out a call to all filmmakers, from Birmingham or anywhere else. As you may or may not know I’m currently studying on a film making course at university. In my time there I’ve managed to make a few films now and as my skills and knowledge grow I feel I’m making a better film each time. However, the more films I make the more I want to get them out there for people to see. I decided I would make my next film with the intention of entering it into film festivals, although after some research discovered that it’s not as simple as that. I won’t bore you with the details but it turns out there’s a number of stipulations that make it difficult for a film maker at my level to enter.

Shiney New Look

Check out the new Metblog look!! Sean and his crew have been working on this new layout for a good few months now, and I have to say it’s been worth the wait!

Be sure to have a look around and play with the new features. Also, word on the street is that the Metroblogging Birmingham Flickr group will still be open to the public, meaning anyone can add their pictures to be featured in the photobar (now located on the right, over yonder –>)!


Double D Delights!

Two new cities have just hit the metblog network. Pop on over and say hello to

Help Needed!

As you’ve probably noticed around here, we’re getting a bit thin regarding the number of authors at Metroblogging Birmingham. When we first started a few months ago we had quite a few enthusiastic people, but now our group has shrunk down to just a few.

So if you live in Birmingham and you have something you’d like to share about our great city every now and then then please apply to be an author! Just send an e-mail over to Sean, contact me, or reply to this thread (remember to leave some way of knowing how to contact you) and we’ll get back you!

Love is in the Air / Damn the World

There are two sides to this post. Please choose the version you prefer:

A) If you’re currently in a relationship:
Woohoo! Tomorrow’s Valentine’s day! That most wonderful day of the year on which we can freely express the love we feel for our girlfriends / boyfriends / pets without embarassment! Let’s fill the house with flowers, treat our partners to a gourmet meal, cuddle by the fire, and make love through the night!

B) If you’re currently single:
Aww crap! Tomorrow’s Valentine’s day. That most despicable day of the year on which we’re forced to watch others cavort around the gardens of love while we sit and weep in the shadows. Well, weep no more! Let’s get out and meet some new people, check out that hilarious Jerry Springer Opera, or just catch a nice, relaxing movie.

A Model City

Take a look at these pictures of a miniaturised Birmingham. As the photos were taken a few years ago the scenery has changed a little since then (did the Bull Ring ever look like this??). I especially like the photograph of the “Walkway” between the Central Library and Centenary square, with the little model citizens casting their elongated shadows from the afternoon “sun”.

Birmingham City Council – Business Transformation Strategic Partnership

For the last two years Birmingham City Council have been procuring a contract for a Public Private Partnership for delivery of services in Birmingham. Despite assertions to the contrary from council management, a number of significant concerns have been raised by interested parties. Yesterday UNISON Birmingham Branch Issued the folowing press release:

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