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Help Wanted

Birmingham City Council is advertising for a new Chief Executive, offering a salary of

Council unready for flu epidemic

In response to a freedom of information request Birmingham City Council have admitted that a flu epidemic could have swept through the city before a vaccine could be distributed.

Sonya Cerutti, the council’s information governence officer, indicated that vaccines and antivirals which became available would first be targeted to groups identified as being a priority. No statement was made as to which groups would be prioritised other than health workers, ‘essential workers’ and those considered vulnerable to infections.

Outsourcing firm announces ‘Pleasing’ results

Capita, the company recently announced as Birmingham City Council’s preferred bidder for the Business Transformation Strategic Partnership, is saying it’s expecting pleasing results for 2005 and further sucess in 2006.

The partnership agreement sees first the city council’s IT functions going out to a private sector ‘Joint Vehicle’ supplier (owned jointly by Capita and the council, with Capita probably taking the majority), later other functions may follow.

Despite other claims made in the press, the council’s senior management have given assurances that at this time it is just a preferred bidder situation and there is still a chance that the deal might not go ahead or that the other bidder (IBM) could come back into the frame. Many within the council have felt that the deal has been fait acompli for some time. A number of groups raised concerns to the Scrutiny committee of the council but they declined to call the decision in for consideration.

Until recently details of the deal have been cloaked in secrecy, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, as the council heads into the home straights information is coming to light, and with it concerns over what this means for Birmingham.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Brum and the other cities (who may just be waking up..)!

Santa Claus


Originally uploaded by g4z.

Ho Ho Ho!

Not long to go now…!

And as an early “present” there are two new Metblogs to read: Paris and Singapore!

Rather than reiterate the above in a new post I’ll just add a few notes here. I’m off to spend the holiday season with my family now, so I won’t be adding any more entries until some time in 2006, but I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!



Those brave, brave dustmen have nobly accepted the

Picture Post

Hello Birmingham. Sorry for neglecting you. I’m a student and have been caught up with assignments. But now… three week holiday for Christmas! Yay!

So, onto the pictures.

[Pictures originally didn’t show because I have cold fingers and typed the html in wrong – it affected them all because I copied and pasted the basic text. Ooops.]

Merry Xmas!

Season Greetings to All…Hope u have a kick butt xmas…and greet the New Year with style!
May I say I am very impressed with all the xmas decorations in Bham city centre…very breath taking….

New Street Alternative

Yesterday I took a day trip to London. Normally one would have to book tickets well in advance of a train journey in order to get a cheaper ticket price, but I recently came across the “Just 15” fare offered by Chiltern Railways. As the name says, it’s just

SAS X-Mas Tree

Did anyone else see the giant Christmas tree on the side of the new Radisson SAS building (yes, the one that keeps falling apart)? As I was driving past this evening I noticed that the lights in the rooms had been strategically illuminated to look like a giant tree. I suppose it could all have just been a coincidence… i’ll try and get a photo next week.

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