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1st Metblog Meetup!

Yarr! We just had the 1st (of many, hopefully!) Metblog meetup. In attendance was Mr. Booth, Mr. Morel, and myself (and, later on, my girlfriend Hanne)… so it wasn’t a big crowd, but it was a nice meeting. We met down in the Tap & Spile for a few drinks. Stephen took a couple of pictures, so hopefully he’ll post them up here in the near future. Also discussed were plans to meet with the Birmingham Livejournal group in the not-too-distant future, which could be fun! Anyway, time for bed now.


All of oldbury was at a stand still…Right up to my front door cars were stood in a miserable queue. I stamped past drivers looking on patiently. Slush icey snow lay on the roads gleaming with the threat of overnight ice. Just my luck to leave my hat and scarf at home when I needed them the most. Covering my ears pathetically with my gloved hands I made it up the hill. The salt truck thingys were spraying the roads with the salt a trifle too late. They get it wrong every time. Whats the point of forecasting weather when you dont act upon it? I dare to think what the roads are going to look like tommrow…
My right hand seems to have frozen permanantly at the moment..And my feet are icey cold…I wonder If I will be well enough to get to work tommrow….

Cop killer arrested in Brum?

A 19-year old man has been arrested in the Saltley area of Birmingham, apparently in connection with the murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky. For those of you living under a rock (or just in another country), Mrs. Beshenivsky was murdered while on duty on the 18th of November, which also happened to be her daughters 4th birthday. I hope that whoever is found responsible for this despicable act is locked away and left to rot for life!

The German Market & Street Ice

As part of their “Streets” campaign, T-Mobile is sponsoring another “Street gig in a secret location”… an ice-rink in the middle of Centenary square! But shhhhh! It’s a secret! Just keep an eye out to make sure you don’t get run down by Santa’s runaway christmas train (pictured), like I almost did.

I took a couple of photos as my partner and I were walking through the city centre yesterday. Read the full story to see them!

New Cities on the Metblog Network

Vancouver, Islamabad, Dubai, and Miami have all recently joined the Metblog network! Feel free to pop on over and say hello.

24 Hour Museum

While searching for a list of pubs in Brum which have been granted new licenses under the recently-passed legislation regarding 24-hour opening hours (which, btw, will really just mean EXTENDED drinking hours rather than a full 24-hours, in most cases). I came across a website called 24-hour Museum which has some good information about the city’s heritage. It also has a few suggestions for trails you can follow if you want to visit a few of Brum’s famous sites, such as a walk around Bourneville (home of Cadbury! yum yum) and the Birmingham Canal Network. However, given the recent drop in temperature around here, maybe it would be better to wait until spring to go walking around outside.

PS I’m still looking for the info regarding the pubs in Brum.

I doubt it’s connected, but…

Some piece of shit tried to attack a couple of my mates with a knife on the 101 this morning. Apparently there was a bunch of people on the bus and they just sat there quietly whilst this prick held up my mates.

Great day to come back to Brum! Stabbings and death all round.

Oh dear

Stabbing on Broad Street.

Photos around Birmingham

I took these a week ago, finishing off a film and getting some night shots around Victoria and Chamberlain Squares.

Achtung! Time for ze German festival!

Today saw the opening of the annual German market over in Victoria square! This is the 39th year the event has been put on as a collaborative effort with Brum’s German sister-city, Frankfurt. This year it’s bigger than ever, with over 80 stalls and attractions, the most noticable of which is a new helter-skelter down near the statue of old Queen Vic.

My favourite part of the market is the red-meat hotdogs they sell, washed down with a nice cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. Yum Yum! There’s also a great stall which sells little waffley items stuff with the softest marshmallow i’ve ever tasted! (10 pieces for only

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