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Council loses funding for split library plan

Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, has announced that Birmingham City Council has failed to win funding for it’s plan to split Central Library. The plan was to move the existing reference and archives section to a largely inaccessible derelict area at the east of Digbeth, surrounding it with rotting factory and warehouse units, and put a small lending section elsewhere in the city. This would move the reference library far from the other cultural centres in the city (Gas Hall, Water Hall, Ikon Gallery, ICC, Town Hall (when they finally finish it), NIA, Gallery and Art Gallery &c).

Upcoming in Birmingham!

Now there’s a site you can use to keep track of all upcoming Birmingham Metblog events, courtesy of! Create an account on the site and join the “Metroblogging Birmingham” group to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings, or to add events of your own to the calendar. There’s already a growing list of users and venues in Birmingham, so it looks like the site could grow to be very useful in the future! Stay tuned…

New Hall Valley Country Park


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A thousand balloons were released to do to mark the offical opening of New Hall Valley Country park.

Cadbury World and Free Deodorant

Last time I went to Cadbury World (about 18 months ago), it was a Tuesday afternoon at about 2pm. And not the school holidays. Along with me and my boyfriend, there were about five or six other people. And we were all over 18.

So nothing prepared me for the MILLIONS of people there yesterday. Well, maybe not millions, but lots of people.

My little brother loved it, especially the little film bit where they show you how they make it. I won’t explain any more, in case I spoil it! There was an interactive thing towards the end. My brother wrote his name with chocolate, so naturally I had no other option to write “smells” underneath it. And even more maturely, my mum wrote “of poo” underneath it! My brother is 10 so I was a bit wary he might not enjoy himself (he’s into football, motorbikes and sea cadets), but I think the free chocolate means anybody would enjoy themselves. You don’t get as much chance to use the exhibits when it’s busy, but even skipping them it was an enjoyable experience.

We went to the Bullring afterwards, and did the touristy picture-with-the-bull thing. And near the Lego shop, there was a display stand and people handing out free Nivea deodorant. Which is funny because I started using Nivea deodorant (the clear stuff in the little skinny bottle) after I got a free bottle of it at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Their train back was naturally delayed slightly (even though it started at New Street), but all in all a very good day. And it only rained a little bit.

It’s Been A While

I went on holiday to London for a few days. Whilst I was there, I made a point of going to Krispy Kreme’s (in Harrods! I was surprised the let me in with my dirty, rainsoaked jeans and university hoodie. And wet Converse), just so I could do some research. I bought a ‘Cinammon Apple Filled’, and they gave me a plain glazed one for free. Straight off the conveyor belt, lovely and hot. I’m not usually a fan of filled doughnuts but my love of cinammon helped me overcome the filled-ness. So yes, Krispy Kreme is a good thing. Welcome to Selfridges (perilously close to my university campus. It’s like they knew!)

Today I’m going to Cadbury World because my little brother is coming down to visit. I live really close by so I’m actually surprised I’ve only ever been once, and that was 18 months ago. Standing at Bournville station I can smell the chocolate in the air. Mmmmmmmmm. I’ll try and take some pictures but I’m not sure what their policy is on that. I’ll do as much as I can get away with!

Jamie C Jammin’ at the NIA

Jamie Cullum is coming to Birmingham on the 10th of November! He’ll be playing in the NIA, which should be a great venue for this up-and-coming jazz musician. My girlfriend and I went to see Katie Melua play in the NIA last November, and while it’s not quite as intimate as, say, a lounge-bar kinda gig, it’s still a relatively cosy venue (assuming they cut in half as they did for the Melua concert, that is).

I’ll write up a longer report after the event!

September 9th, 2005, @ Sunflower Lounge

One of my, much younger, collegues is DJing at the Sunflower Lounge on Smallbrook Queensway on Friday 9th September, 21:00 to 01:00. Entrance is free and he’s been talking about handing out glow sticks.

Sounds wise he’s playing trance (he showed me the records he’s playing but I only recognised “Children” by Robert Miles and “Angel” by Sarah Mclachan). If that’s your kind of thing then come out and show support.

His website is currently down but he promises to have it up and running by Monday:

Bullring Photo Ban

Claiming security concerns, in a level of incompetance normally reserved for senior council managers, the management of the Bullrin have banned photography within the buildings and environs of the Bullring shopping centre. They claim that photographs taken of the Bullring could be used in the planning of a terrorist attack.

People who want pictures of the Bullring (inside and out) can buy a CD-ROM of them from the Bullring reception.

One can only assume that the CD-ROM has some sort of hi-tech security on it to prevent the photographs every being used to plot a terrorist attack. Presumably the many leaflets showing maps of the Bullring are similarly secured. Otherwise this would just look like some blatant attempt to force people to buy the CD-ROM if they wanted pictures of the Bullring and it’s Big Blue Turd.

Justice is served

You just love to read those stories about young kids who are put in danger and manage to get the bad guy despite their age. I am of course referring to the harrowing story of Birmingham boy Lewis Richardson.

It appears that Lewis had asked his father for a drink. Not an unjust request by any means. However his father’s judgement was that Lewis’ one true wish would not come to pass until he… I can hardly bring myself to say it… Clean his room!

What a bastard!

On the lookout for wireless LAN

Hello Metrobloggers! This is my first entry on the Birmingham Metroblog; I’ll post my life experiences (!!!) here with increasing frequency over coming months. My personal blog is here which talks about other topics, and I’ll cross-post occasionally if the subject matter carries.
Down to business: I need to discover some free WLAN points around the city and suburbs. I want to get out and about and as I am currently broadband-less, shall be in dire need of a fast connection! If anyone knows of one that is publicly available, please direct me…

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